When Your Own Propaganda Turns Against You

By Bojidar Marinov

At the Independence Day, Barack Hussein Obama used the opportunity to bash the Founding Fathers of these United States of America. The exact words he used were these:

“. . . the principles that are timeless; tenets first declared by men of property and wealth, but which gave rise to what Lincoln called, ‘a new birth of freedom in America,’ civil rights and voting rights, workers’ rights and women’s rights, and the rights of every American.”

To have Obama talk about civil rights and workers’ rights, of course, is ridiculous. Under Stalin and Mao – two of Obama’s political heroes – tens of millions of workers were murdered, jailed, or tortured for even the slightest expression of discontent with the conditions of work. To have Obama – who promotes Islam at every possible opportunity – talk about voting rights and women’s rights is ridiculous. Under modern Muslim governments women have no rights, and especially when it comes to voting rights.

But more important is the use of the word “but”: The tenets were first declared by men of property and wealth, BUT . . . they gave rise to the new birth of freedom. In other words, the tenets of the Founding Fathers can not be trusted, because the Founding Fathers were “men of property and wealth.” But . . . they gave rise to the new birth of freedom nevertheless.

In other words, what Obama is trying to do is to create a moral separation between the tenets declared by the Founding Fathers and the birth of freedom in America. The moral separation is based on the Marxist notion of economic classes. Men of property and wealth simply can’t have anything to do with freedom and rights. The tenets of the Founding Fathers were not a birth of liberty themselves, they only gave rise to a “new birth of freedom”; and even that was an anomaly which deserves the qualifier “but” that Obama put in the statement.

Of course, such talk is self-defeating given the fact that Obama himself, and most of his financial supporters and political supporters are “men of property and wealth.” Harry Reid, Nancy (Marxy) Pelosi, Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, Joe Biden – no one could claim these men and women have any “worker’s background” or that they are not “men of property and wealth.” Obama himself is not exactly among the poorest members of our society. Obama’s attempt to throw the blame of cynicism on the Founding Fathers will only backfire on his gang of Marxist-Communist conspirators, as it does already. He who lives by the sword shall die by the sword, and he who lives by slandering the Founders of cynicism shall himself be found guilty of cynicism.

Obama’s talk is morally outrageous. But it is also a statement of weakness. By bashing the Founding Fathers and their principles, Obama in fact admits his defeat in the ideological battle of the last two years. After the American Left realized that a Great Awakening is under way, that the American people are increasingly aware of their heritage and of the views of the Founders, a number of socialists tried to rally the Founding Fathers to their side. No less a prominent socialist than Marxy Pelosi tried to convince the American public that Obamacare is in the tradition of the irrevocable rights to life, liberty and pursuit to happiness given to us by our Creator, as the Declaration of Independence states.

And indeed, in terms of propaganda, the ability to rally the Founding Fathers to one’s cause could be of a great advantage. America has always been proud of her heritage, and the world has admired America for her heritage. This was true when most Americans had forgotten what the Founding Fathers stood for; how much more true it is today when so many Americans are awakening and demanding the restoration of America as she was founded? Anyone who can claim ideological descent from the Founding Fathers already has the upper hand in the debate, and the socialists understand this very well; a socialist is a cynic by ideology, he doesn’t care for the true value of things but he certainly does care for the propaganda value of them. So the Democrats and other socialists and Marxists did try their best to jump on the wagon of the growing awakening of the ideas of the Founding Fathers and claim them on their side.

Such claims did not achieve their goal. The voters for the Democrat Party don’t give a penny for the Founding Fathers in general; and those of the voters who believe in the ideas of the Founding Fathers, give even less for the Democrat Party. Rallying the Founding Fathers to Leftist causes was an empty exercise, just as empty as rallying St. Augustine to support Buddhism. The Democrats suffered another blow in the ideological battle in America.

Therefore Obama decided to bash the Founding Fathers. The logic is simple: If you can’t rally them to your side, slander them. Separate the Founders from America which they have founded. Portray them as cynical, hypocritical, greedy bunch of people who only inadvertently started something that led to liberty. Cut America from her heritage; make her hate her Founders. Only then could a radical Marxist-Muslim agenda be forced on the American public.

What Obama doesn’t understand is that there are more ideological defeats to follow. The failure to invoke the Founding Fathers to his agenda is not a simple misfortune. For the last 100 years American socialists have worked tirelessly to destroy the moral meaning of language, thinking that in such a way they could destroy America’s Christian foundations. Language has become to them a propaganda tool, not a means for conveying moral truths. It has become so twisted in their mouths that words have no meaning anymore, when spoken by socialists.

And herein lies the liberals’ problem, one that they encounter more and more these days: When words lack moral meaning, they become unpredictable. When all that matters is how words will manipulate other people’s minds, eventually words backfire on the manipulators themselves. The efforts to bring degeneration and destruction to the American mind eventually lead to degeneration and destruction in the minds of the liberals themselves. Aspiring to be the masters of propaganda and mind-manipulation through destruction of moral meaning, they increasingly find themselves unable to relate to language, and unable to predict the outcome of their own words.

The deterioration in the level of intelligence among liberals – even among their leading figures – is obvious, and it is a predictable consequence of their own ideology. Intelligence is a gift from God but like every gift of God it degenerates if not used according to His sovereign moral purposes. For several generations American liberals have done everything they could not only to deny God’s sovereign purposes for language, but to twist language to such an extent as to define it out of meaning, and out of existence. In their rebellion against God, men of superior intellect foolishly sought for ways to redefine words, phrases, meanings to mean whatever the current Propagandist-in-Chief wants them to mean. But God is not mocked, and His plan is certainly not thwarted by the feeble attempts of men.

The modern generation of leftists pays the price for the sins of their ideological fathers and teachers. More and more, their own words testify against them; their own concepts become a snare for them; their own ideology turns against them. Their media lose influence, their politicians put their feet in their own mouths, and their propaganda tactics only create more resentment, ridicule, and distrust among the voters. The era of total leftist propaganda is over, and not even the public schools can make it return.

True American patriots must learn from that. We should not fall prey to the same temptation, to speak “morally neutral” words. As the example of our leftists shows, the lie of “moral neutrality” destroys all meaning in language, destroys mind and intellect, and turns its adherents into helpless fools. America can be restored and rebuilt only on the moral foundation of the Christian religion, as our Founders envisioned. Outside of that moral foundation we will become like Obama, Pelosi, Reid, and the other fools: Unable to find meaning in anything, unable to have any starting point, powerless to restore America. There is no neutral ground for political action – and those who believe in neutral ground will meet defeat.