George Whitefield

George Whitefield is a  famous preacher and one of the two principal figures (the other being Jonathan Edwards) in the Great Awakening of the mid eighteenth century. It was the Great Awakening which, some historians say, gave birth for the first time to a shared consciousness among the people of the different British colonies in America, and thus prepared the way for the American Revolution. The Venerable Bede says in his History of the English Church, that the conversion of the Anglo-Saxon kingdoms to Christianity in the seventh century, giving them a common faith, represented the birth of what Bede called the English nation. It wasn't just common blood and race that formed the English nation and, a thousand years later, the American nation, but a common mind. That common mind was the transformed thought caused by the Word of God. 

Lloyd-Jones Documentary Footage on George Whitefield Available for Limited Time

“I have thrown myself this day, blindfolded, into God’s mighty hands.”—George Whitefield
Rare documentary footage of Dr. Martyn Lloyd Jones on the life of George Whitefield is accessible on You Tube for a limited time. After briefly walking through the life and ministry of Whitefield, Lloyd-Jones considers the explanation of this remarkable story and ministry:
[What made Whitefield's life and ministry extraordinary] was not advertising or organization. Not even eloquence and zeal, though they contributed. It was the message. The declaration that we are all dead in our trespasses and sins and under the wrath of God. That we are to be called to repentance. It was the emphasis on the absolute necessity of the new birth in the Spirit. The extraordinary anointing of the Holy Spirit that attended his preaching. He  stressed that one should always preach a felt Christ. Whitfield’s gospel came to the people not in word only, but also in power and in the Holy Ghost and with much assurance.
Has this anything to say to us today? Men and the world are still the same as they were at the begninning of the 18th Century. Still more important, Whitefield’s God is the same. We honor his memory best of all by seeking with diligence that same God sought by him.