Friday Convergence - AM - Fathering Leadership - Apostle Jim Hodges

Malachi 1:6; 4:5-6

Our challenge is not new. We have faced these problems before.
Malachi starts speaking about fathers and ends speaking about fathers
Malachi is calling for a shift in Leadership

God is The Original Fathering Leader (Luke 3:38)

  1. Adam and Eve were given leadership assignments (Gen. 1:28)
  1. Lead their family
  1. Lead in the Mission of God for the earth
  1. Lead in governing the earth under Father God’s government—the original Ecclesia
  1. The Father Son relationship and structure in heaven to be reflected on earth

    Biblical Examples of Fathering Leadership

  1. Old Testament and New Testament Leaders
    Five Fold Leadership Gift
  1. Timothy’s progression related to fathering leadership through Paul.
  1. Disciple—Acts 16:1-5
  2. Child------ I Timothy 1:2, 18; II Timothy 1:2 (teknon and uios)
  3. Brother---II Cor. 1:1; Col. 1:1; Philemon 1:1; Hebrews 13:23
  4. Fellow-worker—I Thess. 3:1; Romans 16:21
  5. Apostle---I Thess. 2:6; I Cor. 4:17

  1. The Leadershift of all leadershifts (book of Malachi)
  1. Shift from Levitical priesthood to priesthood of Melchizedek.
  1. Five Dimensions of fathering leadership:
  1. Leaders who deliver the message of the Lord God (3:1)
  1. Leaders who honor Father God and fathering leaders (1:6)
  1. Leaders who steward the Lord’s presence and principles among God’s people (2:5-6)
  1. Leaders who instruct the people of God and the Nation in Kingdom economics (3:10-12)
  1. Leaders who connect generations (4:5-6)

  1. The Lack of fathering leadership disconnects the moves of God in history
  1. The Charismatic Move (the 60s)
  1. The Jesus Movement (the 70s)
  1. The Discipleship Move (the 70s)
  1. The Prayer and Prophetic Move (the 80s)
  1. The New Apostolic Reformation (the 90s)