Friday - Convergence - PM - Hope Taylor - Patriot Reformers

'11 in 11' - Washington DC Briefing

1.There has never been a time when Christians are more needed in politics than now.

2.Leaders must impart intentionality & aspiration to this generation to go into the Culture & shape it.

3.Congress will do some things this session that will send some of us home & that’s okay.

4.This a time of separating the people who want to be here in DC VS the people who need to be here!

5.Spending has been out of control by those who want to stay in office! Now is time to cut off funding to planned parenthood & Obama Care- which is an Unconstitutional taking of American liberty. Fight the battle on the budget-
focus on principles.

6.I see an Awakening all over the Country. This great awakening is truly a spiritual awakening.

7.America has been blessed because we used the Bible as our blue print. Yet our Nation is in trouble today because our Pastors are not teaching what the Scripture says on economics!  Socialism is stealing!

8.Pray for push back of jihads, the fall of Chins’s government & the persecuted Christians! ( Iraqi believers are in deep trouble - African nations are under great pressure/upheaval)

9.Islam has a plan to insert Sharia law into our laws by 2015. Using freedom of speech- burning of Koran.. will try to outlaw burning Koran.

10.Next 3/4 years are critical! We are in a very important turning point in history!

11. We will be governed by no better than we deserve!

Patriot Reformers

We have a God who loves this nation as well as all nations.
What spills out of this nation is righteousness and truth.

Nehemiah 1
Nehemiah saw the need for his homeland and looked for an answer

The answer is in how we as God's people respond.

Romans 13:1-7

1. God has given authority to the state

2. The State bears the Sword

3. Reflects righteousness

4. We are to honor and respect the state

The scriptures were written to the church - God's People

Matthew 22:17-22

The state has an authorization of authority

There is a limitation of authority on the state just like there is limitation on church and family authority.

The church, family and state have limited authority, and they are supposed to keep each other in check

TODAY: we are seeing the state step beyond their boundaries and trespass on the authority of the church and the family

It is the church's responsibility as God's people to rise up and keep the state in check

We can not allow the church to become self consumed and fall asleep in these next few years

Centralization is what is happening in our nation: Genesis 11: tower of Babel and Nimrod
         God said to scatter....they centralized

Centralization is rooted in paganism. When this happens in a nation the church pays the biggest price.

Psalm 69:2 Prayer point - God Scatter Them

What is the church to do?
1. Submit to Authority: God will only honor obedience

2. Pray for those in Authority

3. When the state demands something that is against scripture we have 2 options.
           a. the court system
           b. Civil Disobedience  : there are times when the people of God stand against the state

Acts 5:29 We must obey God rather than man

We must hold the state accountable

What will it take to save america?

Return to our founding fathers
Return to our roots

There is no room for despair. See the King and His Kingdom