Saturday AM - Convergence - Eric Reeder - Taking Hold of History

Reformation To Creation
Form Again
Structure Again
Create New Order

Man is to take the raw material of creation and work it from glory to glory

Revealed potential honors God

The process of reformation / restructuring  / recreating is to follow the pattern of God's work in creation

5 fold pattern of creation
take hold

The 6 fold pattern of Man's work
taking hold
giving thanks

We can see "taking hold" is when God released declaration, announcements, prophesied, sent the Word to set order

The spiritual dynamic of taking hold happens through sending the word:
-the Word does the will of the Father
-the Word is the member of the Trinity that structure things under the hovering guidance of the Spirit
-the Word is God's hands working in the Earth
-the Word became flesh
-the Word now has a body
-the Word is the treasure hidden in jars of clay
-the Word works the Father's will through mankind

God has come in a day of judgement and not found the church operating as it should to bring earth to what it could be

His Word has been sent into that void to illuminate and awaken hearts

We are then to go and correct the course

We can't use fresh term while proclaiming old actions

We need fresh actions that require new terms

I am concerned that if we do not see reformation come through the pattern of work God gave to man, we could see a misguided reformation consume a generation that will require even greater work to reroute in the future

We can see a more glorious day emerge that God can enjoy it

-We take hold of this portion of history to declare and send The Word
-We look into a set season of Giving thanks and Worship to open portals of reformation
-We restructure, reorder, reform and rename

We distribute the instructions for living out the the Kingdom at a fuller measure to disciple nations

We do our part so God finds enjoyment at His days of judgement