Thursday Night - Convergence Conference - Pastor Rodney Lord

These are just my notes...I will try and get Pastor Rodney's actual notes so you can get the whole message.     -Mic

Catalytic Leaders
Pastor Rodney Lord

Hope is on the horizon.

The gospel of the Kingdom is infused with Hope.
Leaders are rising around us.

Romans 15:13
The God of Hope.

Recently in Washington DC during the government shutdown, meeting with Senators and Congressman and I was filled with Hope. Strategic leaders are in place.

Catalyst: Chemical reaction, something that speeds things along
from the greek: KATA: put something down on, a person or thing that precedes

Acts 14:8-11

That which comes down swiftly

Matthew 8:1 =  Jesus Came Down from the MT.

Exodus  = Moses came down from the MT. with the foundation of culture: the law

We are the ones that are supposed to carry the blueprints for society down from the Mountain of God

Hebrews 5:25

Mark Rubio: Senator/Florida "Our primary purpose is to glorify God in all we do"

Our challenge is not to get more revelation. But it is to release the revelation we have into the culture.

What is a catalytic leader?
 - One who joins in the process of God
 - takes the initiative
 - bound to rock the boat
 - agents of change
 - bring innovation
 - may bring chaos because of their dreams
 - use what they are given

David left the field to take lunch to his brothers and ended up taking down giants.

They will look for creative ways to insert kingdom truth into the culture.
"The injection theory of culture" - Mark Pfieffer

They have no problem stepping into the mix of what is already going on and begin inserting Kingdom principles.