The Kingdom of God will not arrive on Air Force One - David Lane

As we work through this political season I'm reminded of Chuck Colson's quote, "The kingdom of  God will not arrive on Air Force One no matter how good the president's character or great his ability. Don't get me wrong: Elections are important; the law is a moral teacher. But all the laws and political victories will not help us if we lose the culture. Our job is the same no matter who is in office: that is, to make serious disciples and to bring Christian truth to bear in all of life." America is in need of a spiritual Awakening, no politician can accomplish this.

"In 1739 arrived among us from Ireland the Reverend Mr. Whitefield, who hadG Whitfieldmade himself remarkable there as an itinerant preacher. He was at first permitted to preach in some of our churches; but the clergy, taking a dislike to him, soon refused him their pulpits, and he was obliged to preach in the fields. The multitudes of all sects and denominations that attended his sermons were enormous, and it was matter of speculation to me, who was one of the number, to observe the extraordinary influence of his oratory on his hearers, and how much they admired and respected him, notwithstanding his common abuse of them, by assuring them they were naturally half beast and half devils. It was wonderful to see the change soon made in the manners of our inhabitants. From being thoughtless or indifferent about religion, it seemed as if all the world were growing religious, so that one could not walk thro' the town in an evening without hearing psalms sung in different families of every street." Ben Franklin's observation of the effect of George Whitefield's ministry.

America is lost, one has to think through and devise a strategy to recapture our Christian heritage and reestablish our Christian culture.

The complex-nature of the challenge to reestablish a Christian culture in America, and to end the systematic removal of Jehovah God from American society will require real expertise. The Colonial Period chart and compass used by Daniel Webster needs to be tracked down, "Finally, let us not forget the religious character of our origin. Our fathers were brought hither by their high veneration for the Christian religion. They journeyed by its light, and labored in its hope. They sought to incorporate its principles with the elements of their society, and to diffuse its influence through all their institutions, civil, political, or literary."

A search team should be created to identify the present-day men of Issachar, "From Issachar's descendants there were 200 leaders who understood the times and knew what Israel should do. Their relatives were under their command." 1 Chronicles 12:32

Last month my wife Cindy and I were looking for a Mardi Gras Ball gown that took us to Woodland Hills, California; a heavily Jewish, wealthy, San Fernando Valley, area located smack-dab in the space that produces and distributes 90% of pornography in America...whose profit is bigger than General Motors.

"According to HBO series Porn Valley, nearly 90% of all legally distributed pornographic films made in the States are either filmed in or by studios based in Los Angeles San Fernando Valley...'worldwide industry worth $57 billion'."


The late theology professor Harold O. J. Brown wrote in 2005, "The distinctiveness of marriage has been abolished (Baird v. Eisenstadt); prayer and Bible reading in schools has been stamped out (Abington, Schemp, et al.); the mother's womb has become the most dangerous place for a baby (Roe v. Wade, et al.); the rights (but not the duties) of fathers and parents of minor girls have been voided (Planned Parenthood v. Danforth); divorce has become easier than marrying; the Ten Commandments have been banned from public view; and now the natural distinction between male and female is being abolished (Goodridge, Lawrence, etc.). the Pledge of Allegiance is forbidden; the Boy Scouts are under attack; and Christmas carols are banned. Pornography is everywhere. The structure of American society is being demolished brick by brick."

Read and weep for America...

Because of Christians lack of interest, or lack of power, the filth being pumped and mainlined directly into every home in America--through radio, television and the Internet--is a direct indictment on the Church of America.

While I was preparing to lambaste the heathen in the San Fernando Valley, my friend Luis Cataldo reminded me that that is what pigs do. You get a pig out of the pigpen, soap him up, clean him off, tie a pink ribbon around his neck, he immediately heads back to the pigpen to wallow in the slop...that's what pigs do. We, Christian America, are the problem.

Can the election of a President give America a thorough cleaning from pornography, abortion, homosexuality, filth from TV and Hollywood, racism, and injustice?

Ron Dunn, "The mark of a decadent society is the exaltation and normalization of sin".

Founding FatheCarrolr and Signer of the Declaration of Independence Charles Carroll opined,"Without morals a republic cannot subsist any length of time; they therefore who are decrying the Christian religion...are undermining the solid morals, the best security for the duration of free government."

Since Cindy was fasting that day we were looking for her dress, I had the luxury to have lunch at a Chinese Buffet (Cindy hates eating at a buffet). As I sat down with my food Cindy said, "What is that I hear?"; I responded, "I don't hear anything". Cindy said, "You can't hear that?", Cindy heard the instrumental beginning of "Trust in Jesus" by Third Day. 

Cindy jumped up and walked to the young lady at the cash register and asked, "Are you the owner?", she responded in broken English, "No, I manager." Cindy said, "This is Christian music! Is the owner Christian?", she proudly said, "No! I Christian!" She quietly told Cindy the owner's did not know she was broadcasting Christian music in the workplace.

The little Asian Mary (I didn't get her name) had just broken an Alabaster box of costly perfume and poured it on the head of Jesus. The little Asian David was doing all she could with the weapons that she possessed. (1) Do What You Can, (2) Do That Much, and (3) Do It Now.

The Restoration and Renewal Projects have hosted over 10,000 conservative, Bible-believing pastors, plus spouses, at our Rediscovering God in America events in CA, CO, FL, IA, NH, NV, OH, SC, TX, & VA since 2005. The message? "We, pastors and pews, are responsible for the decline of American morality...of the 60M-80M Evangelicals who say they attend church, an estimated 40% of those are not registered to vote, and half--of that 60%--don't vote; of the 30% or so of Evangelicals who did vote in 2008, an estimated 25% voted for Barack Obama."

Last year Texas Governor Rick Perry, historically and courageously, called The Response: A Call to Prayer for a Nation in Crisis on August 6, 2011, Houston-Reliant Stadium. We have followed that initial Joel 2 moment, a call to prayer and fasting, asking Jehovah God for mercy for America, with (3) three Regional The Response events: IA, SC & FL in the last 60 days.

Small steps are often the beginning of great enterprise.
How to recapture our Christian heritage and reestablish the Christian culture of America?

1.      Short-term, a first step would be for each of the 10K Restoration and Renewal pastors (plus the 30K American Family Association pastors) to encourage their congregation members--who own, operate or manage a business--to play Christian music at their places of business as we begin to reestablish a Christian culture.  
2.      Continue to host The Response: A Call to Prayer for A Nation in Crisisevents in strategically targeted States and cities to establish a culture of prayer across America crying to the Lord for Spiritual Revival.    
3.      Continue Restoration and Renewal pastors events to mobilize pastors and pews to engage the culture through Voter Registration, Get-Out-The-Vote (GOTV) and Voter Guides.  
4.      Encourage Bible-Believing churches to begin weekly prayer services across America...goal 50K pastors and pews weekly asking God to restore America's Christian heritage and culture.

Our long-term strategy must be to place the Bible in Public Schools as the principle textbook of American education. Proverbs 1:7,"The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge.",the principal part of knowledge is 'fear of the Lord'. This entails removing the false gods of multiculturalism, political correctness and secularism:

"two leading Marxist intellectuals, Antonio Gramsci in Italy and Georg Lukacs in Hungary...

Gramsci famagously laid out a strategy for destroying Christianity and Western culture, one that has proven all too successful. Instead of calling for a Communist revolution up front, as in Russia, he said Marxists in the West should take political power last, after a "long march through the institutions" - the schools, the media, even the churches, every institution that could influence the culture. That 'long march through the institutions' is what America has experienced, especially since the 1960s...

Georg Lukacs proved more influential. In 1918, he became deputy commissar for culture in the short-lived Bela Kun Bolshevik regime in Hungary. There, asking, "Who will save us from Western civilization?" he instituted what he called "cultural terrorism." One of its main components was introducing sex education into Hungarian schools. Lukacs realizedthat if he could destroy the country's traditional sexual morals, he would have taken a giant step toward destroying its traditional culture and Christian faith...

Today, when Hollywood's cultural Marxists want to "normalize" something like homosexuality (thus "liberating" us from "repression"), they put on television show after television show where the only normal-seeming white male is a homosexual. That is how psychological conditioning works; people absorb the lessons the cultural Marxists want them to learn without even knowing they are being taught."

"They incorporated into their cultural Marxism what Nietzsche called the "transvaluation of all values." What that means, in plain English, is that all the old sins become virtues, and all the old virtues become sins. Homosexuality is a fine and good thing, but anyone who thinks men and women should have different social roles is an evil "fascist." That is what political correctness now teaches children in public schools all across America."
Historian Bill Lind

Dr. Keith Krell's teaching in 1 Samuel on the restoration of Israel,"The Long Way Home", "Perhaps we do not understand that there is a proper consequence for all genuine repentance. The sincerity of the nation's confession was somewhat in doubt until there were acts of full restoration or plans for it..."
First they repented, then took action to return to Him. The false gods of multiculturalism, political correctness and secularism must be removed from Christian America.

Night falls on the Supreme Court in AmericaIn the horrendous 1963 ruling, the U.S. Supreme Court in an 8-1 decision, banned the Bible from America's public schools. Justice Potter Stewart authored the lone dissenting opinion,"It led not to true neutrality with respect to religion, but to the establishment of a religion of secularism."

"it may be that Jehovah will work for us; for there is no restraint to the Lord to save by many or by few."1 Samuel 14:6

Keith Krell, "He didn't care that the army which had originally consisted of three thousand now numbered only six hundred. He believed that God was able to save with six hundred men, or with six, or with only two."

Begin today to pray.

Will a Gideon or Rahab the Harlot please stand?

"I searched for a man among them who would rebuild the wall and stand in the gap before me for the land..." Ezekiel 32:20   

David Lane
American Renewal Project